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logisoftwaredrivers – Are you looking for Logitech 4K Pro Software for Mac OS, Mac OS X, Manual Settings, and Overview? Here we give it to you, below we provide a lot of software, and arrange manuals for your needs, also a brief review of the products you want.

Logitech 4K Pro Magnetic Webcam Review

Logitech MK540 Driver and Software  –  The most expensive monitor from Apple under the name Pro Display XDR intends for specific segments. That is especially so until there is no webcam. Understandably, with prices reaching $ 5,000 and extraordinary specifications, this monitor designed for large & professional studios with a variety of videos, films, material, and content that does not want to be seen by the public through cyberspace. Any camera is usually not permitted in this room.

Logitech is currently starting a new webcam device called 4K Pro Magnetic Webcam. This product is different from webcams in general because Logitech specially designs this device for Apple Pro Display XDR. This premium-class monitor priced at a high price. We all know that Apple’s XDR Pro Display Monitor isn’t equipped with a webcam. They need an additional external camera if users want to make video calls.

Logitech 4K Pro Magnetic Webcam

The Features

Logitech offers 4K Pro Magnetic Webcam Products. This webcam can record video up to 4K resolution at 30 frames per second (can also be 1080p 60fps or 720p 90fps). Logitech also provides this webcam camera with Magnetic installation so users can easily install it on the monitor. Then, Logitech also embeds other features such as RightLight 3 technology with HDR that can turn on automatically so that it can adjust the lights on the webcam so that the resulting image looks better even in dark places or in bright light locations.

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Logitech also collaborates with several video conferencing applications such as Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom, to introduce new products. Users can set this webcam to change brightness, contrast, and more. Although called for XDR Pro Display, Logitech also makes it compatible with MacBook Pro 16 inches and MacBook Pro 2018. It can also be with the iMac 2019, iMac Pro 2019, and the 13-inch MacBook from 2018 onwards, using an external GPU that supports it.

Logitech 4K Pro Magnetic Webcam Specification

Technical Specifications

Supports up to 4K (Ultra HD)
5x digital zoom in Full HD
Diagonal: 90 ° x Horizontal: 82.1 ° x Vertical: 52.2 °
Microphone: Two omnidirectional noise-canceling microphones

Apple Pro Display XDR


Webcam (W x H x D): 101 mm x 27 mm x 35 mm
Mount (W x H x D): 88 mm x 7.5 mm x 22 mm
Webcam Weight: 90.2 g
Mount Weight: 27 g

Logitech 4K Pro Magnetic Webcam Software & Drivers

  • For Mac

    • Camera Settings

      Software Version: 3.0.12
      Last Update: 2020-02-03
      OS: Mac OS 10.15, Mac OS 10.14, Mac OS 10.13
      File Size: 36.3 MB
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This is the up-to-date version of the Logitech Software and driver directly from Logitech Support, and please contact and mention us if you have problems with this link. You can contact us at admin@logisoftwaredrivers.com

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