Logitech K811 Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard Review

Logitech K811 Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard Software Driver Manual & Review for Mac

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Logisoftwaredrivers – Are you looking for Logitech K811 Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, & 7, as well as Mac OS, Mac OS X, Manual Settings, and Overview? Here we give it to you, below we provide a lot of software, and arrange manuals for your needs, also a brief review of the products you want.

Logitech K811 Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard Review

Logitech K811 Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard Review, Driver, Manual and Software  –  As we all move to a multi-display world – where our computing is done on several devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones – some things have adapted, but most have not. Much of the hardware that built today is very similar to just a few years ago because some companies have seen fit to make changes.

After all, iPad doesn’t support a mouse; most Android users will not use it if they have it. Keyboards available per device. It’s common for tablet and smartphone owners to have two or three separate keyboards to support all of their computing devices. But that makes no sense. Because we use fewer and fewer electronics, we also have to use fewer peripherals for the device.


Logitech was the first company to build a keyboard that made sense today. I reviewed the K810 Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard and said that it was “the best Bluetooth keyboard you can buy.” The K811 Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard is the twin brother of the K810, explicitly made for the K810 twin brothers, expressly made for Apple devices. And that is just good.

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The K811 is a great keyboard for three reasons: first, it offers an almost perfect typing experience, one of the best of all the keyboards tested. The low-profile button is ideal for touch typers, and also the rubber button doesn’t feel soft. They have a little jump and remain completely silent. K811 is a pleasure to be typed. Switching to another keyboard afterward is very difficult.

Second is the “easy-switch,” a choice of three buttons that turn into an alternative Bluetooth radio so that up to three different devices can be paired with the K811. That makes it very easy to type on your desktop, switch to your iPad, and again switch to your iPhone (or any Bluetooth device). Even if you only use two gadgets, this is the fastest and most convenient way to switch between them. I still believe that Bluetooth is a reasonably weak technology, but the K811 makes it very easy to manage.

User Experience

Home users can set up the K811 for their home computer, Apple TV, and your smartphone. With K811, there is no need to have multiple keyboards or leave them in a specific room. The K811 eliminates the cluttered media center and functions as a small but sturdy design. And thanks to Apple-centric buttons, users can use buttons like a command, home, eject, and program selector, all with one touch. The K811 also has buttons for adjusting volume, brightness, and media playback.

As if that wasn’t enough, the default backlight will make the K811 visible in the dark for more than a week on a single charge. Logitech claims between 10 days and one year depending on the lighting settings, although in my test, I found that the backlight continually adjusts the brightness unless the user turns it off. Even when the battery almost died, I managed to get two more days of use (without backlighting).

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The K811 has a proximity sensor that shoots it from sleep mode to type and turns on the backlight. Finally, the keys are well made, so the concave is not flat. That makes them more comfortable than the Apple Wireless Keyboard. It is better than a Wireless Keyboard in almost anything.

Logitech K811 Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard Review

I cannot speak more highly of Logitech K811’s Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard. K811, along with the Windows-based K810, is the best Bluetooth keyboard you can buy. Heck, when a full-size keyboard (complete with numeric keys) is available, I do not doubt that it will be the best solution for work and home offices. The K811 fulfills so many needs – from excellent typing experiences to perfect symmetry with up to three separate computing devices – that are only worthy of praise. It might be a bit expensive for $ 100, but you can’t put a price on genius.

The Bad

  • No carrying case means I can’t take it with me everywhere with complete confidence

The Good

  • Excellent type experience and feel
  • Stunning lightweight, bold design
  • Multiple Bluetooth profiles is still brilliant
  • Proximity and ambient light sensors are excellent additions

Conclusion > The absolute best Bluetooth keyboard you can buy for Apple products

Logitech K811 Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard Specification

Technical Specifications

  • Mac OS 10.6.8+
  • iOS 4.0+
  • Internet connection for software download
  • USB port and/or Bluetooth® Smart enabled device


Product component Width Depth/Length Height Weight
Keyboard 287 mm (11.30 inch) 127 mm (5.0 inch) 5 – 10 mm (0.20 – 0.39 inch) 337 g (11.89 ounce)

Logitech K811 Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard Manual

Setup Guide.pdf

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Logitech K811 Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard Software & Drivers

  • For Mac


Logitech Options

  • Software Version: 8.02.86
  • Last Update: 2019-10-08
  • OS: macOS 10.15, macOS 10.14, macOS 10.13
  • File Size: 78 MB

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