Logitech K840 Keyboard Review and Manual for Windows and Mac

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Logisoftwaredrivers – Are you looking for Logitech K840 Keyboard Software for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, & 7, as well as Mac OS, Mac OS X, Manual Settings, and Overview? Here we give it to you, below we provide a lot of software, and arrange manuals for your needs, also a brief review of the products you want.

Logitech K840 Keyboard Review

Logitech K840 Keyboard Driver and Software  –  K840 Mechanical is a full-sized keyboard that is made durable. The top container is made of solid anodized aluminum with a textured touch coated with sand for a modern look. It features the exclusive Logitech Romer-GTM mechanical switch that was create to provide a quality typing experience and touch feedback. The company also claims the in-house key is design to offer more than 70 million key presses for long-term reliability.


It doesn’t offer many programmable buttons. But it provides enhanced productivity features; including Windows Lock functions, 26-Key Rollover, and easy access to media and shortcut keys. It also has tilt feet for more comfortable typing.

If you have never type with a mechanical keyboard before, there is an initial learning curve than a chicklet style board. However, after the initial “getting used” phase, we felt comfortable typing for long periods and reaching average typing speeds in about 2 hours. These keyboards are known to be loud and create a “click and click” sound that makes everyone know you work hard. But, the K840 is quieter than any other mechanical keyboard we’ve tested before.

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Logitech K840 Keyboard Review

After using the K840 for more than a week now, we can say we appreciate it, and that might be my full-time board. That is a basic no-frills keyboard that is built for long-lasting durability and long hours of comfortable typing. The keys are perfectly placed, and the board is not blocked by extra special keys to control volume, launch favorite web pages or certain programs, etc. That is a solid keyboard that feels great and includes all the keys that I like for what I do, namely, PrintScr, Windows Key, and the number keys.


The K840 Mechanical Keyboard can be purchased for $ 79.99 on Amazon or directly from Logitech. That might seem expensive, but spring-loaded mechanical keyboards usually come with a higher price tag. However, it costs less when comparing it with other mechanical keyboards in its class. If you are on the hype about getting a mechanical keyboard, the K840 is an excellent way to get your foot wet without spending a fortune.

Logitech K840 Keyboard Specification

Keyboard Spec

Connection Type USB(Corded)
Indicator Lights (LED) Caps Lock, Windows Key Lock
Backlighting n/a
Special Keys F Row keys have second functionality with Fn key

F1-F4 can be reprogrammed in Logitech Options

Fn+F12 is Win Key lock- Locks windows keys for accidental press

Connect / Power Corded
Cable Length 1.8m



Component Height Width Depth Weight
Keyboard 34.3 mm (1.35 inch) 445.0 mm (17.51 inch) 132.0 mm (5.19 inch) 840.0 g (29.63 ounce)


Logitech K840 Keyboard Manuals

Setup Guide.pdf


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